Snap Day

How is a snap day different from a normal drawing session?

The aim is to enable you to produce images or prints of reasonable quality and size that captures the pose, the lighting and the gesture of the model, allowing you to continue to work on a drawing of the pose after the session has finished.

Accordingly, during the day, the model will adopt a number of poses lasting from perhaps 15 minutes (or shorter) to, say, an hour. Each pose would then be followed by a five minute interlude when you can use your digital cameras to record the pose.

For most of the day, the drawing session is a normal drawing session: if you wish, you can attend and draw as usual, without taking part in the photographic interludes of the day.

Where did the idea for a Snap Day come from?

Degas Photo
Degas Photo

The original idea was to emulate the working methods of artists such as Degas, who used photography as a type of rapid drawing to gather information for his paintings.

A quick look at some of his subject matter shows that his pictures owe a lot to the invention of photography.

During Degas’ lifetime, photography had advanced from needing exposures of several minutes to a condition where movement could be almost frozen allowing expressive natural poses to be captured.

In street scenes, the rapid movement of people would result in the slight blurring of the image not unlike the the brush strokes of Impressionist painting.

More important was the new attitude to composition that photographs created. The camera was capable of editing figures in very non-traditional ways like the example below that looks like a modern magazine photograph rather than a painting.

Unconventional pose from photograph
Degas : Unconventional pose drawing on photographic ideas.

Are there any special requirements for my camera?

Not really, most digital cameras produced in the last few years will allow you to take a usable picture under the conditions you’ll encounter in the studio here.

Many mobile phones and tablets will allow you to take a suitable picture, although due to the wide variations in the quality of the pictures produced between different models, we are unable to advise on the suitability of specific models.

What would I need to bring on the day?

If you have one, pack the camera manual in your bag. It might be needed

Make sure that you have enough space on the camera’s memory card to take a lot of pictures.

A fully charged battery in your camera – recharge the battery the day before.

A packed lunch, since this is an extended session and starts at 11:00 in the morning.

Your normal drawing supplies and equipment.

Bronze by Degas
Bronze by Degas. This would an impossible pose for a model to hold for any great length of time.


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