SLR Photography for Life Drawing

Dark dramatic lighting

Camera Day  Monday, 2nd July.


Artists model
Soft lighting


This extra special day is designed to help drawing enthusiasts to get more use out of their digital camera.
The aim is to give each attender the possibility of working from three properly exposed photographs done with professional lighting.
The studio will be set up for photographic use.
Drawing will not be possible on the day. Hence the day change to Monday. Monday is also the only day the model can work. There will be a normal drawing session the following Wednesday.
Each attender must have a SLR, or bridge camera, or an advanced compact pocket camera with a hot shoe. If you are in doubt about your camera simply bring it to a drawing session and ask me. 
The day will begin at 11am with a chat about studio photographic practices. 
Guided by me each attender will be given a period of time to photograph and pose the model. Because of the nature of studio photography the attenders will only be able to work one at a time though the others can watch and observe while this is going on. I think there will only be room for three or possibly four people to work.
At the end of the session each person will have to lend me their camera card ( or supply the files in some form) so that I can check that the work is okay before sending it to the processors.
Fee for the day will be £25 plus the cost of colour prints dependant on what size you would wish to work.

Please email me if you have questions.


Two people interested so far.