SLR Day. One of our special days.

My first attempt to run a photography session specifically for artists with some photographic knowledge occurred yesterday when three of the life drawing group members turned up on a Monday to try their hand at some studio work with a camera.

Each had their own different reasons for attending. One member wanted to support his painting by having usable photos of his own to work from. Another wanted better photos done while travelling to look at church interiors, while the third person wanted to refresh art school work done with film based cameras. All good reasons.

The problems started with the variety of cameras that the artists produced to work with. All of them were good, but very different. If I run another of these one day affairs I think it would be better to just bring your own SD Card. Leave the cameras at home and put your own card into my camera, take your pictures with it, and then take it away for processing in your own time.

Most of the day was spent posing the model in different photographic lighting situations that are not easy to replicate in a life class. (The studio is unlit for photography whereas for drawing people need good light to work by.) Moving lights around and taking light readings is time consuming stuff so a slide show on a laptop was available for people to look at as well in the less productive time. The weather was almost too hot so having the studio doors open ( when we needed a dark studio) was difficult. The fan in the ceiling was running at full speed! Still everyone seemed happy. Even the model sent a message to say that she enjoyed working with us and learned a little on the way.


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