17th May – The Second Fast day

The first Fast day was a very successful event that exhausted most of the artists.

This second Fast Day develops the concept further.

What is different about this fast day?

Instead of a single fixed position where the model moves through a number of poses, five ‘stations’ will be scattered around the studio before you arrive to start drawing.

The model decides when to move to a different station or to change pose; there will be no fixed time poses or direction from the session leader.

Some of the stations will be close to you, some slightly obscured, some more distant.

Each artist has a unique place and a unique viewpoint among the stations.

As the model moves from pose to pose and station to station, there is a greater change in scale and perspective for each artist than there would be viewing a model who is posing in the same place and at a similar distance from an artist over a series of drawings.

This is very liberating for the model but very demanding for the artists.

How should I prepare for the fast day?

Come equipped with a sketchbook and quick drawing materials

You’ll be sketching a lot: During the three hours of the first fast day, the model moved through 50 poses.

Look to capture gesture, not detail: some poses will be very short.

Remember that the model will be moving among you at times.

Prepare to be challenged.




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