Trinity Buoy Wharf.

East London O2 Dome
View of the new east London from Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Here is a different trip to London that might work well on a sunny, warm day.

Trinity Buoy Wharf has an interesting collection of old and new buildings around it. Lots of former nineteenth century workshops where Faraday once worked, an old lighthouse and lightship, and some very modern building based on shipping containers plus a few cafes of various sorts.  There are lots of sculpture of figures dotted around. A good place to draw! The place is now an Arts Centre. (Look up their website in Google: Trinity Buoy Wharf )

There are a series of changing exhibitions. At the moment there is an exhibition of drawings based on a theme of social awareness. There are no life drawings included. If you do fancy a day out there  check what exhibition is open before you make the journey as it would not be a good idea to arrive between shows.

This is the route we travelled:-

  1. Drive to Hillingdon Tube car park at the end of the M40. You need to be there by 9.15 am or it may have filled up with cars, especially during school holidays.
  2. Get the Metropolitan line to West Hampstead. Walk across the platform and take a Jubilee line train to Greenwich Pier.
  3. Walk past the Dome to the river edge. Walk into the River Bus station and say that you want to get ‘The Predator ‘ motor launch to Trinity Wharf on the other side of the river. You may have to phone the boatman(07947 637925) and wait for him to collect you. There isn’t a service during his lunch break from 11 till 11.30 am. The boat will duly arrive and take you across the Thames. It is a former Thames Police Launch. Best on an hot summers day as the river can be rather cold!
  4. We chose to return using the DLR which is a little walk away. We walked past the bird sanctuary and some modern sculpture on the way to the Docklands Light Railway Station where you can get a frequent trains back to Bank and central London.
  5. Click on the pictures below to get the flavour of the place.

IMG_4761 IMG_4760-Edit-2IMG_4767