Modelling For Us


We have an ongoing requirement for life models. If you would like to model for us please send us a brief email describing yourself.

Our models come from all walks of life, and many like the flexibility that this type of work allows. A lot of our models are students, health workers and, at one time, three mum’s (all friends) whose children were at the same school. Our oldest model is sixty six. Most models do other jobs as well.

If you are interested and can work for us about one Wednesday afternoon in every ten then please get in touch using this email address We will only respond if we have a need for your services.

Our models work on a rota of one session every 8 to 12 weeks. Drawing sessions are normally held on most Wednesdays and a few Saturday afternoons.  Models have to be able to get to Stokenchurch by car or bus ( The No. 40 High Wycombe to Thame stops close by). Models must be able to sit still for 20 mins at a time. People of any ethnicity, size, or shape are welcome to apply. You do have to be punctual and not forget dates. Regular connection to email is essential.

Venus-of-WillendorfArtists have been working from the human figure for at least 25.000 years.The Old Stone Age illustration on the left is only about 4ins high. Its in the Art Historical Museum in Vienna and is thought to be the earliest found nude human statue. The Greek, Roman, Hindu and European traditions have all used nude figures up to the present day.

Stripped of fashion, the great advantage of nudity is the lack of change in the human body over the centuries. What changes is the style with which the nude is it is depicted. People who model for us are always amazed that a group of only five people can produce such a variety of images all from the same beginning point of the nude figure.

Life drawing is still amazingly commonplace. Even in the village of Stokenchurch, I can walk within an hour to three separate places where classes have been run with life models. They are all interested in seeing images of themselves processed in various ways and often want to photograph our drawings. No one ever becomes a life model just for the financial rewards they are all interested in how a group of people depict them in their drawings.Life drawing studio