Lesson 2

Let’s do something very simple…… its useful at times to be able to enlarge the size of any picture or thing you want to make. Here is the method Albert Durer used though it was old fashioned when he was working.

The thing you want to enlarge can be an image(drawing or photograph) on paper, cloth, or even a box top. Paper is the easiest to work with. Photographs are easy to copy with this method.

1 You need to draw a grid of small squares about 25mm or 1 inch along each side. Draw this onto tracing paper or greaseproof paper. 

2 When you have your grid of small squares done fix it over the drawing or photograph to be enlarged with masking tape. If you can turn the picture upside down(so the image is inverted) it makes it easier to copy as it distracts from the original picture.

  1. Now use another piece of paper to mask off your original in a way that covers the image except for the actual small square you are drawing from.
  2. Make another grid with the same number of squares only enlarged to the finished size of the new artwork.
  3. Copy each square of the original on to the same square of the enlarged piece. Most artists number and letter the squares so that it is easier to work . You can have the original upside-down or sideways it makes no difference. 
  4. When complete you have the basis for a bigger picture.
  5. Just try it! It really does work well even with complex images.