What is a Fast Day

nude descending a staircase by Marcel duchamp
Marcel Duchamp – Nude descending a staircase

Hot on the heels of the Snap Day comes the Fast Day. On this day the model chooses the poses and the length of time they are held for. They move when they get bored with the pose and then they immediately choose another position.

Becky has always been one of our best models so she has been offered the opportunity to work like this for an afternoon. She occasionally does some very acrobatic and dynamic poses that cannot be held for very long. Exactly what will happen on the Fast Day will be left entirely to her discretion.

What might she do?
Swing from the beams?
Be a body on the floor?
Lean on the wall?
Sit in an armchair and sleep?

I really don’t know what might happen.

This will be a normal session running from 1.30pm until 4.30pm.

You will need a good supply of paper. (I shall shall be devoting a special sketchbook bought just for that day’s work.)

If you’re interested in joining our group, please contact join@lifedrawingstokenchurch.co.uk for further details.


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