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Special Days

SLR Day. One of our special days.

My first attempt to run a photography session specifically for artists with some photographic knowledge occurred yesterday when three of the life drawing group members turned up on a Monday to try their hand at some studio work with a… [Read more]

Sign up for the paint day

WEDNESDAY  4th APRIL. Paint Day You can now go to the booking page of the website and sign up in advance for a series of Special Events days  to be held on the First Wednesday of each month. The Paint… [Read more]

SLR Photography for Life Drawing

Camera Day  Monday, 2nd July.     This extra special day is designed to help drawing enthusiasts to get more use out of their digital camera. The aim is to give each attender the possibility of working from three properly… [Read more]

17th May – The Second Fast day

The first Fast day was a very successful event that exhausted most of the artists. This second Fast Day develops the concept further. What is different about this fast day? Instead of a single fixed position where the model moves… [Read more]

What is a Fast Day

Hot on the heels of the Snap Day comes the Fast Day. On this day the model chooses the poses and the length of time they are held for. They move when they get bored with the pose and then… [Read more]

Snap Day

How is a snap day different from a normal drawing session? The aim is to enable you to produce images or prints of reasonable quality and size that captures the pose, the lighting and the gesture of the model, allowing… [Read more]