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Drawing technique

Book today for Life drawing sessions

Join now. Our members come from South Bucks, South Oxfordshire and Eastern Berkshire. We are close to junction 5 of the M40. Only space for six members : no overcrowding! Easels and A2 drawing boards provided: just bring your own… [Read more]

Sunday painters become real artists!

ppp There are many ways to organise drawing groups. My latest idea is to allow one member to set up a session as they would like it to be. This opportunity will allow you to develop your ideas more once… [Read more]

What is the problem?

There must be something seriously wrong with art teaching in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. At £15 per three hour session, with a group size limited to only 5 people , you might think that there is some kind of catch except… [Read more]

First Saturday morning meeting

Our first Saturday morning meeting  is about to happen. We will start at 10.30am  so you don’t have to get up too early and finish at 1.30pm leaving time to do other things on a Saturday afternoon. For the time… [Read more]

SLR Day. One of our special days.

My first attempt to run a photography session specifically for artists with some photographic knowledge occurred yesterday when three of the life drawing group members turned up on a Monday to try their hand at some studio work with a… [Read more]

17th May – The Second Fast day

The first Fast day was a very successful event that exhausted most of the artists. This second Fast Day develops the concept further. What is different about this fast day? Instead of a single fixed position where the model moves… [Read more]

What is a Fast Day

Hot on the heels of the Snap Day comes the Fast Day. On this day the model chooses the poses and the length of time they are held for. They move when they get bored with the pose and then… [Read more]

Grids in art

What an amazing find the illustration shows. It is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection. Artists, architects and craftsman have been using grids for a very long time. The illustrated work dates back to 7000 BC. Grids are… [Read more]