Becoming a life model

Standard information for all models:

We are only looking for more female artists’ models to pose nude for life drawing sessions. Applications from full-time students are welcome. At present we are over very subscribed for male models.

Here is all the information you might need if you would like to try life modelling.

There are never more than 6 people drawing and all are mature.

Sessions start at 12.30 pm and end at 3.30 pm. There is no teaching each person works on their own ideas. We are trying out a few monthly Saturday morning sessions at 10.30 am till 1.30 pm for which we will also need models. You are only likely to be called to work for a few days in the year. Our aim is to have a different person to draw each week. This means there is a rota of models who actually work for us. If employed you would be added to the rota and sent notice of when you would next work well in advance.

The venue is warm and friendly, there is a cubicle to change in and regular rest breaks every twenty mins for the model. All say they enjoy working for us and become regular models. We have been running for over 7 years now. Some models bring a dressing gown to wear during model rests, though most manage with the coat they arrived in. The pay is £15 per hour (£45 per session) Models are always paid immediately after each session. No previous experience is necessary. All models need to be punctual and able to sit or stand reasonably still for about 20mins. We only do poses where this is comfortable to do.

The venue is a photography studio in the garden at my house. Although I am a photographer, no photography is normally done while models are present . We use this building because it’s large and free! 

You can approach your first modelling session in a number of different ways:-

A. You are quite welcome to pay a visit to see the setup and meet the artists. Please inform us first by email.

B. Bring a friend with you when you the first time work for us.

C. On your first modelling session, if you have no previous experience of this type of work, you will be given the opportunity to arrive about 3/4 of an hour earlier and be told what to expect. You will be shown around the place, shown some typical drawings, work out some poses, and then start immediately to work.

Recently, we have tried to employ two people who simply did not turn up for work, wasting all of the groups time. This usually happens when the prospective model discusses employment with friends and dire warnings are given about the nature of the work. Visit us and see for yourself. In forty years of art school work, I have never met a model who has complained about objectionable behaviour from those drawing them.

Please reply if you wish to be added to our list of available models. Include a mobile phone number, your dress size, approx height and age. We like to have a range of models to work from very different in appearance each week. If you would still like to work for us and have problems with children, employment, minding the dog, etc. you can still ask to go on our list for contact at a later date as circumstances often change. Our first model is still working for us.

It is very important that models are always punctual. If you think that you will be late for a session ALWAYS phone. If you are ill, or just cannot do the session you are booked for, please inform us as soon as possible so that another model can be found. Even with eight potential models, it’s difficult to contact a replacement at 3 hours’ notice. If a model fails to turn up we will have wasted £15 on heating the building and people might have driven to the session only to find nothing to do. The group is non-profit making. We just cover our expenses, so we cannot afford to have artists leave because booked models fail to turn up.

Studio at work

This is a good opportunity to make a little cash for a person who needs a lot of flexibility in the way they work. We are happy to work from people of any size, age, or ethnicity and welcome applications from mature women. Our present models range from dress size 8 to 18 and the age range is about 20 to sixty-six. Our models at the moment consist of two professionals who only do life modelling for a living. The others are young mothers at home with toddlers, full-time students, and health workers. They are a complete cross-section of society. In the past we have employed a number of students from Bucks New University and Brooks at Oxford. Models only tend to leave when they have obtained full-time jobs that prevent them from working for us during the day or moved out of the area.

Letter from a new model

……I very much enjoyed Wednesday. The studio is cosy and full of interesting things and it was a very friendly atmosphere.   It was a strange but also oddly and quietly empowering experience.  Not sure all this will make sense to you but I thank you for giving me this opportunity.  Also, I sent the pictures you did to my sister who said that she could tell it was me!  I would be very happy to do it again. Please do just let me know when you need a model.  

If you would like to work for us please use the following link. Email link.